How to tell if your jacket is Real Leather ?

You finally found the jacket of your dreams, but is it real leather?

Improvements in the manufacturing of synthetics made it harder for folks to easily spot a difference between fake and real leather. With our guide, you can easily check if your product is genuine and not some fancy-looking fake.


First, check the label, it may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many folks can't read in between the lines. If you see "100% real leather", "full grain leather", "genuine leather" you are one step closer to the real thing.

On the other hand, if the label says "manufactured material" or "man-made material" it’s likely made of some synthetic material - most likely PVC. If the tag doesn't say anything, it's also most likely synthetic polymer, because real leather would be proudly noted.

Last but not least - check the price tag, genuine leather is usually more expensive than its synthetic counterpart. Remember, if the price is too good to be true - it probably is.

Check the brand if they are selling real leather


Like human skin, real animal skin will have blemishes and imperfections, so if you spot any of those on your leather jacket don't panic - it's actually a good sign. Visible pores are another good sign that distinguishes real from fake. 

On the other hand, synthetic leather is very smooth, regular, and even. Look for patterns in fabric - indicators of machine-made product. 


I think we all know the distinct, natural, organic scent that leather has. There is no way to reproduce the same scent in faux leather.

If you smell plastic, chemical odor instead of oaky natural scent, trust your nose and move on. Check our range of authentic bags here.


Touching a piece of leather should also tell you if it's real or fake. Again, genuine leather is a natural material so it will stretch and wrinkle. Its surface is not always even and you will notice some imperfections.  Faux later can't be stretched and feels uniform when you run your fingers across it. Lastly, real leather will feel warm, while fake leather feels cool.

 Check the leather for imperfections

Discover our range of genuine leather products and feel free to ask one of our experienced sales representatives who will be more than happy to help.

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