Mens Grey Stone 3 Piece Tweed Check Suit Wedding Prom Tailored Fit Brown Trim


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• Classic and timeless, a 3 piece tweed grey suit is a versatile addition to any wardrobe, suitable for both formal and casual occasions.
• Crafted from high-quality tweed fabric, the suit features a durable, textured material that provides warmth and comfort in colder weather.
• The grey color of the suit is neutral and understated, making it easy to pair with a range of shirts and accessories, and suitable for a variety of events.
• The three-piece design includes a jacket, waistcoat, and trousers, giving the suit a polished and put-together look that can elevate any outfit.
• Whether worn to a wedding, business meeting, or night out, a men’s 3 piece tweed grey suit is a stylish and sophisticated choice that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion

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34" Jacket 28" Trousers, 36" Jacket 30" Trousers, 38" Jacket 32" Trousers, 40" Jacket 34" Trousers, 42" Jacket 36" Trousers, 44" Jacket 38" Trousers, 46" Jacket 40" Trousers, 48" Jacket 42" Trousers, 50" Jacket 44" Trousers, 52" Jacket 46" Trousers