Men Wool 3 Piece Charcoal Suit Double Breast Waistcoat Tweed Peaky Blinders


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* Men Official TruClothing Herritage Collection Inspired By 1920s Vintage Fashion

* Suit Comes complete as a 3 piece suit, this includes Trousers, Double Breasted Waistcoat & Blazer!

* Premium Herringbone Charcoal Tweed Birdseye Wool Blend Fabric, Unique Double Breasted Waistcoat With Contrasting Trim & Detailaing

* Classic 1920s Vintage Check Tweed Suit, Tailored Fit (inbetween slim & regular fit) & Regular (R) In Length

* If this suit is not exactly what your looking f?r we have over 150 styles in stock, check out our entire range by clicking on our homepage or store link!

Material: 50% Wool, 35% Polyester, 15% Viscose

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